Wheel Alignment in Houston, Texas

Wheel Alignment in Houston, Texas

Along with the steering and suspensions, the wheel alignment points your car in the right direction. Wheel alignments are the standard repair to direct every tire in the same direction. Over time, your tires start falling out line. This is typical for all drivers. However, the roads and type of car you drive may cause the wheel alignment to change faster. Maintaining the wheel alignment will save your car and the tires too. Uneven wheel alignments cause progressive wear and tear on the tires. So, your tires will need rotation or replacement sooner than a car with the right wheel alignment.
Your vehicle operates with three angles: toe, caster, and camber.

When bringing your car to Collision King for a wheel alignment, our technicians measure the toe, caster and camber of your car:

  • Toe – Measurement between tires
  • Caster – Steering angle
  • Camber – Angle of the wheel

Best Wheel Alignments in Houston, TX

When maintaining the wheel alignment of your car, keep in mind there are three parts. The toe, caster and camber each need individual measurements and alignments.
Wheel alignments, steering and suspensions are responsible for keeping your car in balance. If you feel out of line or drifting, this could be the wheel alignment, but it could be the steering and suspensions instead. Collision King uses the right diagnostics to test your car and examine any damages. The auto technician should identify the problem and explain the repair to you before starting the work. That is our method at Collision King. We stand by every repair with ASE certification and honest service.
Since there are several types of wheel alignments, ask one of our technicians which is the best alignment for your car. Collision King is here to serve you with professional auto care in Houston, Texas so, always feel free to call our 24-hour hotline. If you need emergency service or want to schedule an appointment, call Collision King today.
rds. we start every repair with a master diagnosis.

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Visit Collision King for a Wheel Alignment if you experience:

  • Abnormal Tire Wear
  • Steering Wheel Pulling
  • Steering Wheel Is Not Centered
  • Steering Wheel Vibrates

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