What You Need to Know to Keep Your Tires in Great Shape This Summer

Summer is almost here, and with it comes the infamous Texas heat. However, when the temperatures rise, it could mean trouble for your tire pressure. As a leading auto shop in Houston, Texas, we understand that tire pressure is an important part of keeping your car safe and running properly, so we’ve laid out what you need to know about tire inflation and the Texas heat:


Why is proper tire inflation so important?

Having properly inflated tires on your vehicle is actually an important factor in keeping your car in top shape and keeping you safe. It can boost your fuel economy, increase safety and handling, allow for more responsive braking, and can create an overall smoother ride. Your tires can handle slight variations in tire pressure, but it’s important to keep them at the manufacturer’s recommended PSI to keep your car driving the way it should. Unfortunately, the intense summer heat here in Houston, Texas, can alter the pressure in your tires. In fact, your tires can gain or lose 1 PSI for every 10 degrees that the temperature rises. This could mean, theoretically, that your tire pressure could fluctuate 20 PSI over the course of one summer day.


Underinflated Tires

An underinflated tire allows more of the tire’s surface area to come in contact with the road. Not only does this reduce fuel economy, it also can lead to your car feeling “sluggish” and responding slowly. Underinflated tires also leave them more vulnerable to damages that decrease their lifespan and leave you having to invest in new tires more often.


Overinflated Tires

As opposed to underinflated tires, overinflated tires actually cause less of your tire’s surface area to come in contact with the road. This causes premature, unnecessary wear on your tires and can also lead to poor handling and braking of your vehicle. Additionally, over-inflation can cause tires to become rigid and less flexible, leaving it more prone to damages caused by potholes and other debris on the road.


How to Get the Correct Tire Pressure

Fortunately, checking your tire pressure this summer doesn’t take much time and is an easy process. Simply purchase a tire pressure gauge to help ensure your tires are at the correct PSI. To use the gauge, remove the valve cap from your tire and place the gauge on the valve stem until the hissing sound disappears, and compare the gauge reading to the manufacture’s recommendation. Aim to do this weekly and in the morning, as the reading may be altered if your car has been sitting in direct sunlight for a long period of time.


Tires are essential to the functioning and safety of your vehicle. Keeping the proper tire pressure is important, especially in the hot Texas summer, to help ensure your car will perform properly. To keep your car at it’s best this summer, give Collision King a call at (713) 686-5677. We’re a leading automobile shop in Houston, Texas.

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