Tips for Sharing the Road During Back to School Season

Back-to-school season is here in Houston, Texas, and that means sharing the road with buses and kids walking or biking on their way to school. During this time, being a safe driver is more important than ever. At Collision King, we understand that driving safety is essential, so we’ve laid out some tips to help you safely share the road with back-to-school goers:

Tips to Share the Road with Pedestrians:

During back-to-school season, sharing the road with young pedestrians is common. A few precautions can go a long way in helping ensure that those walking to school are safe.


  1. Don’t Block Crosswalks

Even if you don’t see any pedestrians coming, blocking crosswalks should always be avoided. In the event that a pedestrian needs to use the crosswalk, they must go around your car, meaning they could be put in the path of moving traffic. Allow ample room between your car and any crosswalks to ensure that those walking have plenty of room to safely cross the street.


  1. Stick to the School Zone Speed Limits

Speed limits often drop drastically when you enter a school zone. When you’re running late to work, it can be tempting to go just a few miles over the posted limit. However, this can not only lead to an expensive ticket, but it can also put pedestrians in danger. Always stick to the posted speed limit, even if you don’t see any pedestrians in the area. This will help avoid a dangerous situation with a pedestrian that you may not have initially seen. Additionally, if you’re dropping your child off at school, remember that the school zone speed limit applies until you are out of the posted school zone. As you exit the school parking lot, be sure to stick to the speed limit until you are completely out of the school zone.


Tips to Share the Road with Buses:

Although buses are safer than walking in school zones, driving behind them also require a few safety precautions to keep children safe.


  1. Keep Your Distance

When kids exit a school bus, they may go behind the bus to enter the school. Because of this, it’s important to allow for plenty of space, so they aren’t crowded by your car or others that may be behind you. Allow for approximately 10 feet of space when stopping behind a school bus so children have plenty of room to walk.


  1. Don’t Pass a Bus

When a bus stops, so should the traffic behind it. Even if you don’t see the “stop” arm extended from the bus, you should never pass a stopped bus. You never know when a child could decide to step onto the road to get to or from their bus. Until the bus begins to move again, it’s important to remain behind the bus and not pass until it is absolutely safe to do so.


It can be hard to get back into safe driving habits around school-goers after the summer. These safety tips can help keep both you and others safe as kids head back to school for the new year. At Collison King, we are committed to keeping your car in top shape, so it will drive as safely as possible. Give us a call at (713) 686-5677.

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