The Only Car Games You Will Ever Need For Your Winter Road Trip

Christmas is just around the corner and many people in Houston, Texas, are getting ready for their winter road trip. Whether you’re road tripping to see family or just to travel for vacation, it can be difficult to keep everyone in the car entertained. Collision King understands that road trips go much faster when everyone is having fun, so we’ve listed some fun car games for your winter road trip:

  1. 21 Questions

The object of this game is to guess what object, animal, celebrity, etc. someone is thinking about in the span of 21 question. Have someone think of something and tell the other players what category it falls under. Then, the players begin asking questions. To make it even more challenging, you can limit the questions to only ones that are answered with “yes” or “no.” The players continue asking questions until they are able to guess what the person is thinking of or until 21 questions have been asked. Whoever can guess the answer, wins.

  1. The Singing Game

Who needs the radio when you can play this game? To play this game, have one person begin singing a lyric from a song. Once the player finishes the lyric, the next person connects a lyric from another song. The game continues until somebody messes up the lyrics or cannot think of a song to add.

  1. The Counting Game

In this game, the players see how high they can count without messing up. To begin, have a person say “one.” From there, another person will say “two,” and so on. If two people say a number at the same time or there is more than a five-second pause between numbers, the game starts over.

  1. The License Plate Game

The object of this classic road trip game is simple. Find a license plate from each state while on the road. To add an extra challenge to this game, look for license plates in the alphabetical order of the states.

  1. The Name Game

In this game, players connect the first and last names of famous people. Begin by having one person say the name of any famous person. The next person must then say the name of a famous person whose first name begins with the first letter of the previous last name. For example, if one person says “Tom Hanks,” the next person could say “Halle Barry” or “Herbert Hoover.” The game continues until someone cannot come up with a name.

Winter is a great time to hit the road and travel. Car games can make memories with those you are traveling with and help pass the time. To get your car ready for your winter road trip, give Collision King a call at  (713) 686-5677.

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