The 5 Questions You NEED to Ask During Your Spring Tune-Up

When it comes to your car, you want to ensure you are receiving the highest-quality auto services possible. Even more importantly, you want to be sure you can trust the technician handling your car. As a trusted Houston auto shop, Collision King understands that it can be difficult to know just what to ask during your spring tune-up, so we’ve laid out the 5 questions you need to ask when you take your car in:


Question One:

“What are my repair options? Can you explain each option?”

There are often many solutions for a single automotive issue. However, some technicians will only present the most expensive option to you, leaving out other viable options that may be more cost-friendly. Be sure to ask about all potential repair options, and have your technician explain each one in detail. It is the technician’s job to help you understand what is going on with your car in order to make the most informed decision.


Question Two:

“Can you show me the old parts?”

When the technician begins to work on your car, ask for the old parts to be placed in the box of the new part. For components that are too large or grimy to fit in a box, simply do a quick visual inspection. You’ll be able to see the before and after comparison of your car’s parts and ensure that the old part was replaced. If you notice any hesitation when asking a technician this question, you may want to find a different automotive repair shop. A reputable technician, like the ones at Collision King, will be more than willing to let you inspect the old parts.


Question Three:

“Can I be provided with a maintenance plan?”

The highest quality automobile shops in Houston, Texas, will not only want to get your car running in top shape, but help you keep it that was as well. Ask your technician for a complete maintenance plan and compare it with the plan recommended by your car’s manufacturer. If the plans don’t appear similar, it may be a sign that the automotive shop is trying to sell you unnecessary services.


Question Four:

“What warranties do you offer?”

Before a technician works on your car, ask about the warranties the shop provides. Some automotive shops, like Collision King, will offer warranties on all work performed on your vehicle. Warranties show that the shop is confident in their automotive repairs, and is usually a sign of high-quality, dependable work.

Question Five:

“What are your certifications?”

Ask your technician about their certifications. A technician with an ASE-certification has shown proof of their expertise and skill in the automotive field. Additionally, ASE-certified technicians are re-tested frequently to ensure they are keeping up-to-date with any technology changes in the industry. At Collision King, our ASE-certified technicians will be happy to answer your questions and share their certifications with you.


Spring tune-ups are an important factor in car maintenance, so you want to be sure it’s being done by a skilled, reputable technician. These questions can help ensure your car is getting the professional, high-quality service it needs. As a leading automobile shop in Houston, Texas, Collision King is committed to answering every question you have about your auto service. Give us a call at (713) 686-5677.

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