Muffler and Exhaust Systems Repair

Muffler and Exhaust Systems Repair

As a local automotive shop in Houston, Texas, we serve our guests with the mot friendly and professional service. As soon as you call or visit Collision King, your car will be in great hands. Our team follows ASE guidelines and manufacturer instructions when repairing your car. We work with domestic cars and foreign vehicles too. Your exhaust systems must be able to process the exiting fumes from your car. So, if the muffler and exhaust systems do not work together, this is a hazard for the car and the driver.

Our Full Auto Exhaust Services Include:

  • Identifying Emissions Problems
  • Reduce the carbon build up
  • Perform a diagnostic test
  • Repair leaks or holes if able
  • Ensure that mounts are secure
  • Evaluate your oxygen sensors
  • Check the catalytic to converter to ensure toxic emissions are properly converted into exhaust gas

Best Muffler Repairs in Houston, TX

It takes hands on experience and ASE certification to handle muffler and exhaust repairs for your car. Contact a professional to take care of the exhaust systems and muffler. Collision King is your local automotive center in Houston, Texas. We offer full service for mufflers and exhaust systems. When diagnosing your vehicle and running diagnostics, we examine the muffler, exhaust system, tailpipe, gas tank and other parts of your car. It takes a great eye to measure every detail of your car.

For many vehicles in Houston, Texas, the muffler hangs and drags on the road. This is only making the muffler worse. A small repair or reattachment will turn into an entire replacement if you do not care for the muffler accordingly. As soon as you see the muffle on your car dragging or hanging too low, pull into Collision King.

In addition to the muffler, Collision King examines the piping within the exhaust system. If you have a noisy exhaust system, our technician will clean and test the car to make sure everything is running as it should. Every car, truck or SUV will process fuel differently. However, your car must meet certain criteria set by Harris County.

After visiting Collision King, your exhaust system will be high performing and clean. Our technicians go deeper into your vehicle so we know your car is safe and sound. For high quality muffler repairs and exhaust systems service, call Collision King in Houston, Texas. We are available for emergency repairs and mobile service too.

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Visit Collision King if you’re experiencing problems such as…

  • Increased volume when the engine is running
  • Rattling when idle
  • Engine vibrations
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Hissing or popping noises
  • Small Leaks
  • Smelling exhaust fumes

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