Is Your Engine at Risk of Overheating as the Weather Warms Up? Here’s How to Find Out

The weather is warming up here in Houston, Texas, but that doesn’t mean your vehicle’s engine should be. Your cooling system is responsible for keeping your engine at the correct temperature to run smoothly, but problems with the cooling system can quickly lead to an overheating problem. At Collision King, we understand that no driver wants to deal with the stress or hassle of an overheated engine, so we’ve laid out some signs to look out for that indicate it’s time to have your cooling system looked at:


  1. The Temperature Gauge Reads Higher Than Normal


A properly functioning cooling system will keep the needle of your vehicle’s temperature gauge in the “normal” section, usually halfway between “low” and “high.” However, if you notice the needle stays out of this “normal” range, it can mean that there is an issue with the cooling system. This could be anything from debris blocking the radiator to a malfunctioning cooling fan. Your car will need the help of an auto mechanic in Houston, Texas, in order to determine the cause of the problem and fix the underlying issue.


  1. You Notice Reduced Gas Mileage


Your car’s engine runs at its best when it is within a certain temperature range. When the engine temperature is in the proper range, the engine is more powerful and consumes less fuel. However, if the engine temperature exits the ideal range, the fuel doesn’t vaporize properly and has a significant impact on your vehicle’s gas mileage. If you notice yourself spending more time at the pump than usual, it may be time to have a certified Houston auto mechanic inspect the cooling system.


  1. The Coolant Light Appears


If you notice the temperature warning light appear on your dashboard, it could mean your engine is running hot as a result of a low coolant condition caused by a damaged hose. An auto shop will be able to locate the source of the damage and leakage and prevent costly repairs down the road.



  1. You Notice a Sweet Smell


A well-known property of antifreeze is its sweet smell. If you begin to notice this sweet smell around your vehicle, the cooling system may be leaking. Before taking your car to a certified auto mechanic, be sure to check around the car for any puddles. Pink, orange, or green puddles are a sign of an antifreeze leak and should be completely wiped up as soon as possible. Because of it’s smell, pets and small children may try to consume antifreeze. To avoid this dangerous situation, wipe up any spills and have the issue addressed immediately.



  1. You Notice White or Grey Smoke


If you notice white or grey smoke coming from your car, it may mean that coolant is burning within the combustion chamber. This could be the result of a crack in the cylinder head, a crack in the deck of an engine block, or a damaged head gasket. Your local Houston, Texas, auto shop will be able to accurately pinpoint the cause of the white smoke and take the proper steps to fix the issue.


Keeping an eye out for these signs can prevent the need for extensive and costly engine repairs down the road. To keep your cooling system and engine in top shape as the weather warms up, give Collision King a call at (713) 686-5677. We’re a leading automotive shop in Houston, Texas.

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