How to Prepare Your Car for a Holiday Road Trip

The weather is cooling down, the holidays are coming up, and many people in Houston, Texas, are thinking about taking their car on a holiday road trip. Collision King understands that safety is the biggest priority, especially when driving for extended periods of time. Here is how to get your car ready for your holiday road trip:


  1. Inspect Tires


Before getting on the road, make sure to inspect your tires. Check for tears and bulges in the side wall, along with how much tread the tires have. The easiest way to check tire tread is by holding a quarter upside down in the ridges. If you can see George Washington’s face, the tread on your tires is worn down and is unsafe. Additionally, make sure the tire pressure matches what is recommended in the owner’s manual.


  1. Don’t Overpack


Packing too much into your suitcases can lead to too much weight in the car. Check the total weight your car can carry before loading it up with luggage. Keep in mind that the total weight also accounts for the weight of your passengers as well. If you are loading luggage onto the roof of your car, limit it to light bulky items. Putting too heavy of a load on the car’s roof can increase the risk of a roll-over and makes the car more difficult to handle if any emergency situations occur.


  1. Schedule an Auto Checkup


Before making any lengthy trip, always make sure to bring your car to a trusted auto center for a checkup. Your car may need important services, such as an oil change or a timing belt replacement. These checkups can catch any problems before they occur, creating a safer driving experience while on your road trip.


  1. Enlist the Help of a GPS


Even if you are familiar with the area you are traveling to, a GPS can make your trip safer and more convenient.  These devices warn you of unexpected traffic hazards, such as a collision. Additionally, they can alert you of weather conditions like heavy fog or flooded roads.


  1. Be Prepared for Emergencies


Bring all needed medical supplies, such as emergency medications or inhalers. Additionally, make sure to pack essential emergency equipment, such as jumper cables, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.


  1. Check Your Lights


When the sun goes down, you will need to turn on your car’s lights. Before you leave, make sure both the headlights and tail lights are working efficiently. Faulty lights can create a dangerous situation, as other motorists will have trouble seeing you on the road.


Collision King believes there are few things better than hitting the open road for a trip that will create great memories. However, you want to make sure your car is running as safely as possible before heading to your destination. To prepare your car for a holiday road trip, give Collision King a call at (713) 686-5677.

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