How to DIY an Emergency Kit for Roadside Assistance

Cars are delicate machines. They need maintenance, repairs, and overall care. Vehicles are so sensitive that they are always at risk for breakdowns or other forms of damage. Drivers must do everything to prepare themselves and their vehicle. Regular maintenance and routine repairs can save your car, but you can’t predict everything. Especially during the summer, drivers don’t plan for a roadside breakdown. A great way to be prepared for any problem is by creating a DIY emergency kit. Keep it in your car in case of a roadside emergency. Emergency kits can include a variety of items, but there are a few things that you absolutely need…

  • Flashlight
  • Jumper cables
  • Small tool kit
  • Spare tire

Keep in mind, an emergency kit should be specific for your area. So, in Houston, Texas, drivers should keep bottled water in their car. Every automotive emergency kit needs basic materials, though. If you don’t already have one in your car, keep a cell phone charger in your kit. Also, flashlights, jumper cables, tools, and spare tires are standard items for any emergency.

Easy Access in an Emergency

The four most essential emergency kit items are easy to purchase in Houston or any other city. Flashlights, jumper cables, and toolkits can be found at auto shops at a low cost. Spare tires often come with the vehicle, along with a basic jack to change a flat tire. While it’s important to simply have these items in your DIY emergency kit, it’s also important to understand them.

For example, if a driver is unfamiliar with jumper cables, they won’t be helpful until someone offers to help. Take a moment to handle each object and plan for a roadside emergency. Your auto technician can show you how to use the cables and other tools if you ask them during your next visit.

Additional Auto Repairs

An emergency kit will get drivers back on the road. After a quick fix with a spare tire or jumper cables, we recommend looking further into the problem. Something caused your car to break down in the first place. As a responsible driver, you need to know what the problem is. It could be a serious issue with the tires, battery or engine. Remember, dashboard symbols like the check engine light give warnings to early problems. So, look to the dashboard for a reminder or service warning.

Safety Comes First

If your emergency kit does not have what you need, call a professional towing service. You do not want to put yourself or your family at risk. So, if the location of your breakdown is dangerous, make a smart choice. You can worry about the details later, but your safety always comes first.

After an emergency, visit an expert technician to diagnose the problem. Auto technicians in Houston, Texas can identify the cause and make sure the breakdown does not happen again. For other advice about your emergency kit or auto repairs, contact Collision King in Houston, Texas. Our technicians will suggest safety items specific to your car make and model. We’ll also test your car and check every system so you feel safe. Prepare yourself with a DIY emergency kit or call Collision King at (713) 686-5677 for auto repairs and towing.

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