Fuel Systems Repair in Houston, Texas

Fuel Systems Repair in Houston, Texas

Good fuel and strong fuel systems are the key to a healthy engine. If you keep the fuel systems clean, your car will have less problems in the future. Every time you stop at the gas station and fill your car’s gas tank, you are refilling the fuel system. Once the gas enters your car, the fuel system sends it to the engine’s combustion chamber, which later starts the car. Keeping the fuel system clean is one of the most important aspects of automotive maintenance. If the fuel system is dirty, this causes the fuel to carry the dirt and debris that builds up in your car.

Collision King always uses the safest and cleanest tools for our fuel system repairs in Houston, Texas. Your car needs an occasional fuel system cleaning so, call Collision King for your next appointment. Our team will clean your car with thorough service. Our ASE auto technicians maintain the shop equipment so your car receives the best care and cleanings.

Our Full Auto Fuel System Services Include:

  • Clean the fuel system from the gas tank
  • Fuel injector cleaning or carburetor cleaning, intake valves, and combustion chambers
  • Use fuel system cleaner to purge water from the fuel system
  • Lubricate valves, cylinders, injectors, and rings
  • Remove varnish, dirt, carbon and other deposits from the throttle body and throttle plate
  • Lubricate the throttle body and throttle moving parts
  • Leave residual engine cleaner in engine to soften hard carbon deposits

Best Fuel Systems Repair in Houston, TX

Another part of our fuel system service at Collision King is fuel filter replacements. The fuel filter is another valuable component of keeping your car clean. The fuel filter captures any dirt running through your car, but after a while, the filter needs replacement. Fuel filter replacement depends on how much you drive. Collision King recommends checking the fuel filter every 20,000 miles. Around every 20K, your car may have buildup within the fuel system. So, visit Collision King for a routine cleaning and filter replacement.

Our technicians are ASE certified and qualified to care for all cars, trucks, SUVs and fleet vehicles. We accept walk ins and schedule appointments in advance. Ask about our mobile service too. Collision King will deliver our master automotive repairs to your home or business. Call our 24-hour hotline for further details about fuel system service in Houston, Texas.

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Visit Collision King for bad Fuel System Symptoms such as…

  • Whining noise from the fuel tank
  • Difficulty starting
  • Misfires and a decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency
  • Car is not starting
  • Engine sputters at high speeds
  • Sudden car surges
  • Loss of power when the vehicle is under stress

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