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Do I need to get more than one estimate?

Simply No, you will probably not even have to get any repair estimates, most insurance providers have their own appraisers to judge the destruction to your vehicle. What you must do is ensure you have chosen a quality repair facility to do the work on your car and let the shop deal with the insurance company for you. At Collision King Auto Center, we’d be happy to handle everything with the insurance company for you.

Can my insurance company tell me where I have to go for repairs?

No. Your insurance company can not require you to have your vehicle inspected or repaired in a particular shop. It is your car, and it’s your choice who repairs it.

Am I entitled to a rental car?

If you are making a claim through someone else’s liability coverage you are entitled to a rental car. Some insurance companies however, will require you to pay the bill and then submit it to them for reimbursement. If you are making a claim using your collision coverage, and have rental on your policy, you are entitled to a rental car. There may be limitations on how many days and how much per day they will pay. Check with your agent if you are unsure of what your policy covers. If you are using you collision coverage and do not have rental on your policy, you will be responsible for any rental charges.

What if additional damage is found during the repair?

This is not an unusual situation and does not usually pose a problem. Quite often additional damage is found when the vehicle is opened up. In this situation, the repairing shop will simply notify the insurance company, who will probably send their appraiser back out to the shop to re-inspect the vehicle and reach an agreed price increase to repair this now-disclosed damage. As long as your vehicle is being repaired by a shop whose ethics and reputation you can trust . . . you will not have a problem!

Why should I choose Collision King Auto Center?

If you have been reading all the text that has appeared above, you are just beginning to understand how critical shop selection can be. You have the right to select the shop that will be repairing your vehicle. Remember, you are going to be driving your repaired vehicle . . . not the insurance company. Here are some things to consider when choosing a repair shop . . .

•  Shop should guarantee all work performed – (We guarantee all work performed on your vehicle, if you’re not completely satisfied with anything we did, let us know, and we’ll fix it. We want you to be happy)

•  Shop should work in your best interest – (We work for you, we do not have any agreements with any insurance companies, and we will work hard to ensure that you get the highest quality repair possible. This does not make us popular with the insurance companies, but our customer is you, and your satisfaction and safety is our primary concern.)

•  Shop should not use “economy” parts – (At Collision King Auto Center we will use only OEM body parts in the repair of your vehicle. They are parts made from the manufacturer of your car, to the same standards as the parts on your car.)

•  Shop should employ trained technicians – (We recognize the importance of trained technicians, our employees have been trained by “I-CAR”, ASE and PPG)

•  Shop should have the proper equipment to safely restore you vehicle to pre-accident condition – (Our shop is equipped with all the necessary equipment to repair everything from the smallest dent to the most serious collision damage.)

•  Choosing the right repair facility will be critical to your safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind when you get your repaired vehicle back. Take the necessary time to make the right decision.

Why does your estimate seem higher than the DRP shop?

The insurance estimates are generally lower because I think they believe their customer may not get the car repaired, and in doing so shortchange the value of your repair.

The insurance company does not pay to blend adjacent panels for color match, and it is omitted by the DRPs. We fight for it, and we get it, and – even better – we do it. Your color match will be as close to factory as is possible. We guarantee it.

The insurance company demands that non-manufacturer parts be used in all cases. We always try to get the manufacturer parts for a repair, and since we am not a DRP,  we have much more success at getting the highest-quality parts available because we did not sign a DRP contract with them. It doesn’t always happen, but we try harder than anyone to get you the part that will not depreciate the value of your car.

We have seen the complete omission of damaged parts from an accident on DRP estimates. For example, if the back and side of a car is hit, how can you not refinish the gas cover? We have seen these kind of omissions innumerable times, but we will always write it into our estimate, and our final bill will reflect EXACTLY what has been done to your vehicle.

We always see a reduction in the procedure times on insurance DRP estimates. The estimating software is written and updated and the results are utilized by body shop and insurance company alike. When these times are changed, the body shop has to find a way to compensate for the loss of revenue.

Why have you chosen not to participate in the DRP programs?

We only align ourselves with insurance companies who share our business philosophy when we do participate in a DRP program. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Quite honestly, there is only ONE insurance company we feel comfortable being paired with as a DRP. We handle claims from every insurance company, with our customer as our priority.

Quality has to matter at some point. We think that point is evident at the time of the sale of your vehicle. You deserve to collect the maximum value for your car. A quality repair will ensure that your car will not suffer diminished value.

Are there differences in the various insurance companies?

There are insurance companies that are customer oriented, and there are those who are bottom-line driven. I strongly suggest to all of my customers that they speak to a good, independent agent. Feel free to ask me for some names. Ask them questions about the repair process and how it pertains to your specific policy. Most insurance policies place in fine writing that you agree to use non-OEM parts (non-manufacturer-approved parts). For a few extra dollars, you can add OEM parts to your policy, thereby guaranteeing that new, manufacturer-produced parts will be used on your brand new car.

What if an insurance company refuses to work with the repair Facility I choose?

As the vehicle owner , you make the choice . You have the right to choose the repair facility of your choice. There are specific laws that offer you this right and prevent anybody from requiring you to use a certain repair service.

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