Engine & Transmission Repairs

Engine & Transmission Repairs

If you need engine repairs in Houston, Texas, contact Collision King. Your safety always comes first so feel free to call our 24-hour hotline if you are in an emergency and your engine or transmission need immediate repairs. Our auto technicians repair all engines and transmissions for foreign or domestic vehicles in Houston, Texas. We test your engine and make repairs until it is running in top shape.

Your engine should run smoothly without any pops, knocks or burning smells. Collision King offers engine repairs, engine replacements, engine remodels and any other service that fuels your engine. When you care for the engine, you are investing in your car and increasing the longevity of the entire vehicle. Give your car the care if deserves at Collision King. Your car, truck, SUV and fleet are treated like royalty.

Our Full Auto Transmission Services Include:

  • Manual and Automatic Vehicles
  • Flush and Fluid Change
  • Filter Change
  • Replacement of all external seals and select components
  • Multi-point inspection and Diagnosis
  • Possible Transmission Rebuild
  • Possible Remanufactured Transmission Replacement

Best Engine & Transmission Repairs in Houston

If you notice engine trouble and act fast, your car is more likely to bounce back. Expert technology and diagnostics from Collision King will save your car. So, pay attention to the dashboard and listen to your car every time you turn the key or push the start button. The engine will warn you if there’s a problem. It’s your responsibility to get the engine tested and treated before it’s too late to make repairs.

Collision King provides state-of-the-art transmission repairs in Houston, Texas. In addition to our engine service, your vehicle needs transmission maintenance. If you maintain your car and visit regularly, your transmission will outlast other vehicles. However, the transmission will need its own care and diagnostics. Collision King also performs transmission replacements for all makes and models. Our estimates are always free and we also have a 24-hour hotline available for your convenience. Call today for exceptional engine repairs and transmission service in Houston, Texas.

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Act Fast at Collision King if you’re having engine problems…

  • You may need maintenance
  • A Transmission Fluid check
  • Possible wire or hose replacement
  • You may need a professional diagnosis
  • May need parts replaced
  • You may be towing too much weight
  • It could simply be the weather

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