Decoding Your Dashboard: 5 Dashboard Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore

When drivers think of their dashboard lights, the most common one that comes to mind is the check engine light. While this is certainly an important dashboard light, there are others that you should be on the look out for as well. At Collision King, we know that it can be hard to know exactly what your dashboard lights are telling you, so we’ve laid out 5 dashboard warning lights you shouldn’t ignore and what they may mean for your car:



  1. Oil Warning Light

The oil warning light will appear when your car’s oil pressure or oil level is low. Since oil helps keep the engine running smoothly, ignoring the oil light can damage the engine and many of the parts connected to it, presenting the risk of total engine failure. If you notice this light appear, check the oil level and fill it to its recommended level if needed. This will help keep your engine lubricated enough to drive your vehicle to a Houston auto shop for a professional diagnosis.



  1. Battery Light

Also called the charging warning light, the battery light on your dashboard can alert you to several issues. Most commonly, the battery light will appear when the charging system is failing to charge your car’s battery above 13.5 volts. The problem could lie in the battery, voltage regulator, or the alternator. When you notice this light, unplug as many electronic devices as possible to conserve battery and head to an auto center that will test your battery.



  1. Airbag Warning Light

It can be easy to ignore this light, as many drivers don’t plan on needing their airbags as they drive. However, it’s important to treat this light just as you would any other important dashboard warning light. Ignoring the airbag warning light could mean your airbags won’t deploy when you need them, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. To keep you and your passengers safe, have your vehicle diagnosed by a Houston auto mechanic as soon as you notice this light appear.



  1. Coolant Warning Light

The coolant warning light indicates either low coolant levels or your engine overheating.  Don’t ignore this light – it could lead to engine failure, even when you are driving. When you notice the coolant warning light, turn off the car, let the engine cool, and immediately visit your local Houston auto shop to avoid any major problems with the engine.



  1. Brake Light

If your brake light appears, it may be a simple fix. First, check to see if the emergency brake is engaged. If so, the fix may be as easy as disengaging the brake. However, if the parking brake isn’t engaged, and you still see the brake light on your dashboard, it may indicate a more serious problem, like low brake fluid level or an issue with the brake hydraulic system. To fix these issues, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to a Houston, Texas, shop for a brake repair.


Your dashboard can give a good look into the overall health of your car. When you notice one of the dashboard warning lights pop up, it’s important to take you car to a professional auto shop to address the issue. For professional automotive and collision repair services in Houston, Texas, give Collision King a call at (713) 686-5677.

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