Check Engine Light in Houston, Texas

Check Engine Light in Houston, Texas

When the check engine light is on, visit Collision King in Houston, Texas. We proudly serve Houston, Texas with fast and affordable check engine light service. Our technicians will even visit you if you need our mobile service. Call our 24 hour hotline for emergency service while you’re at home or at work. Our shop is ASE certified with leading check engine light diagnostics. Trust Collision King to diagnose your car based on the check engine light and the coded messages from your car. Once our technicians unlock the code to your car, we start on the repairs so you don’t have to worry. Worry less and drive more when you call Collision King in Houston, Texas.

There are several codes that trigger your check engine light. There are simple causes that are common and reasons that get more complex with time.

Some of the most check engine light codes are:

  • Mass Air Flow (MAF) problems
  • Oxygen (O2) problems
  • System running too rich or too lean
  • Cylinder misfire in the engine
  • Circuit malfunction
  • Lose gas cap

Best Engine Check in Houston, TX

These are only a few of the most common codes that trigger your vehicle’s check engine light. There are hundreds of codes and every code is specific to an individual repair. Our technicians use special computer programs to diagnose the problem and identify the right repair for the problem.

Collision King has great experience with auto repairs in Houston, Texas. We are skilled in all forms of automotive maintenance and check engine light repairs. When you bring your car into Collision King, you know you are receiving professional service for your car. We quickly diagnose problems and make repairs. So, the next time you see your check engine light, contact our shop in Houston, Texas for an appointment, mobile service or walk in.

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Don’t panic if your engine light comes on, there could be many reasons…

  • Look for possible serious problems that may need immediate attention
  • Try tightening your gas cap
  • Reduce speed and load size
  • Have a professional read the code and fix the problem
  • Check indoor/outside coils, drain pans and drip lines
  • You may be ready for your vehicle to be serviced
  • Your battery may be dead or dying

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