Every January, Americans make lists of their resolutions for the New Year. And each year the same two goals top everyone’s lists: Lose weight, and save money.

While we can’t help you with that first goal, we CAN help you with your financial goals. In fact, there’s one really easy way you can start saving a ton of money—at the pump.




It’s fascinating to learn the stats of the latest and greatest cars that can go from 0-60mph in a matter of seconds. But don’t be tempted to channel your inner race car driver just yet.

When you accelerate quickly, your car needs more energy, which requires more gas (ever wonder why it’s called the “gas pedal?”).

That’s right- putting the pedal to the metal burns through a ton of gas.

On the flip side, breaking too quickly can also cause you to get less miles to the gallon.

So how can you waste the least amount of gas? Let your foot off the gas pedal ahead of time– ease into those stops, then use the breaks the complete the stop.

So while it may be more fun to pretend you’re Dale Earnhardt Jr., it’s smarter to take it nice and easy on the road and save racing for the track.




That’s right, your tires can actually impact your vehicle’s gas efficiency.

Keeping up with the inflation levels will help you get the smoothest ride possible, while saving you money.

When your wheels don’t have enough air, they can’t roll as smoothly, which means more work for your engine just to keep them rolling, and you guessed it—more gas consumption.

And hey, if checking your tires’ air pressure doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, check out these cool new gadgets that will help you keep your tires’ air pressure on point.




The air in your tires isn’t the only air the matters—did you know that your A/C use also affects your fuel efficiency?

We know how hot it gets here in Texas in the summer. But consider turning off the A/C and enjoying the breeze during the cooler months.

Rolling down the windows instead of turning on the air can save gas by reducing some of the demand on your car’s engine.

Of course, this only works if you’re driving under 55mph. For higher speeds, you’ll actually save more gas by rolling windows up and turning on the A/C.




These days there’s tons of gear that can make our lives easier. In fact, some trips would be downright impossible without bike racks or rooftop cargo carriers.

But for the day-to-day, consider removing anything uneven from you car’s exterior. While they can be very convenient, those add-ons to your car’s exterior create aerodynamic drag, which makes your engine work harder, and you guessed it—use more gas.

This study by Buick shows that having two bikes mounted to the roof of a car decreases gas mileage by 8 mpg!

Our advice? Keep your car as aerodynamic as possible by removing any racks you’re not planning on using that day. Your gas mileage (and wallet!) will thank you.




No, we didn’t confuse our resolutions! We’re talking about your car’s interior, and it’s just as important as keeping the exterior aerodynamic.

Riding around with unnecessary heavy objects (think that package of bottled water you haven’t brought inside the house yet!) in your car puts extra weight on your engine, which uses more fuel.

Your car is like a human body. When you walk around with empty handed, your body is using a normal amount of energy.

But if you’re handed a 50lb weight, travelling the same distance isn’t as easy, and you’ll most likely find yourself sweating and panting.

The same is true for your car. The more weight it has to carry, the more strain on your engine, and the more gas is consumed.

Consider lightening your engine’s workload with a quick declutter of your car’s interior. You just might see better gas mileage as a result.

Whatever your plans for this new year, we hope you’re able to spend less of your hard-earned money at the pump, and more on making memories with those you love.

These little changes can make a big difference as you hit the open road this year.

But we know that in Houston, the ride isn’t always smooth. If you find yourself in need of car repairs, Collision King has you covered. We’ll get you back up and running in no time—like nothing ever happened.


What’s one of your secrets to save money on gas?

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