Use These Tips to Help Your Car Last as Long as Possible

A car is an important and pricey purchase, and drivers in Houston, Texas, often wonder what they can do to help get the most out of their purchase. As you add mileage to your vehicle, there are certain steps that can be taken to ensure your car will last for years to come. As Houston’s leading automotive shop, Collision King understands that you want to help your car last as long as possible, so we’ve laid out some tips that can help:


  1. Switch to High-Mileage Oil Changes When Needed

The longer your car lasts, the more miles it will accumulate over time. High mileage oil is specially designed to keep your car running at its best once it has reached over 75,000 miles. Once your vehicle has reached this mileage, it’s important to switch to high mileage oil changes to reduce oil consumption, reduce emissions, and minimize leaks. Once your vehicle’s mileage has reached above 75,000, speak to your Houston auto mechanic about switching from your regular oil to a high mileage oil to ensure your vehicle will continue to run efficiently.



  1. Create a List of Manufacturer-Recommended Service Intervals

While it’s important to keep up with the service intervals recommended in your owner’s manual, it’s even more important if you are looking to help your car last you for an extended period of time. However, it can be difficult to remember to check the owner’s manual to determine when services are needed. To ensure that these service intervals stay a top priority, create a list of the services needed as you reach different mileages in your car. Place this list in an easy-to-spot area so you can keep track of when you should visit a Houston auto shop for maintenance.



  1. Keep Up with the Cooling System

Avoiding engine damage is crucial to helping your car last as long as possible. Not maintaining the cooling system and radiator in your vehicle leaves your engine at risk for overheating and, consequently, engine failure. Keep up with this vital system in your car by regularly changing the antifreeze and flushing the radiator. Also, be sure to be alert to any signs that indicate your cooling system isn’t keeping your engine at the correct temperature, like leaks or a high reading on the vehicle temperature gauge.



  1. Maintain Your Tires and Rims

It may seem like a small task but maintaining the tires and rims on your vehicle can help it dramatically in the long run. When the rims or tires are in poor shape, not only does it take a toll on the suspension, it also means the tires aren’t able to properly grip the road. When this happens, the drivetrain in your car works harder to try and maintain acceleration and balance. Keep up with the tires and rims to avoid any issues that may cause your vehicle to wear out more quickly than necessary.


A vehicle is a large and important investment, so many drivers want to make sure they get the most out of it. For professional auto services to help your car last, give Collision King a call at (713) 686-5677.

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