Brake Repair in Houston, Texas

Brake Repair in Houston, Texas

rake pads are always in pairs. So, Collision King recommends replacing both front brakes or both rear brakes during a single visit. This is the safest and healthies choice for your vehicle. Our auto technicians are fully trained with ASE to test, install and replace brake pads for any vehicle in Houston, Texas.

Our Full Auto Brake Repair Include:

  • Inspecting restraints
  • Installing new pads
  • Testing brake pad thickness
  • Inspecting rotors, calipers, hoses and brake fluid
  • Performing basic safety tests
  • Test driving the car

Best Brake Repair in Houston, TX

The brake pads for your car should never be less than 3mm. Collision King recommends immediate brake change if the thickness is below this amount. There is also a brake repair light in the dashboard of your car. The warning light will remind you when it’s time to replace the brake pads.

Depending on your car and the mileage, Collision King recommends about 4 to 8 restraints. The cylinder sends brake fluid to the calipers whenever you step on the brake pedal. The caliper then presses against the brake pad. So, there is powerful friction between the brake pad and the brake rotor. This friction causes your car to slow down every time you press the brake pedal.

So, if the brake pad is too thin, there will not be enough friction to stop your car which is extremely dangerous to your family and other drivers in Houston, Texas. In addition to your driving, the heat and weather also deteriorate the brake pads.

Some vehicles have a low-pad-warning system in the dashboard. However, this is no replacement for a brake check with Collision King. We offer fast brake checks in Houston, Texas. Ask about our free estimates and mobile service!

How Long Will My Brakes Last?

Regular maintenance and replacement for your brakes is the standard. The longer you wait in between brake checks and brake inspections, you are risking injury to your vehicle and passengers. So, pay attention to the thickness of the brake pads as well as the warnings in the dashboard.

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Call the experts at Collision King if your brakes…

  • Start grinding or screeching
  • Trigger the warning sensor
  • Begin to vibrate when driving
  • If your vehicle pulls to one side while braking
  • Is a reduced or fading response when braking
  • Brake pads appear too thin
  • Create deep grooves in your car’s rotor

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